In a bill to the Swedish parliament the four parties in the so called ”Alliance” proposed that ”newly arrived” should be engaged in the 18 volunteer defence organisations. The proposal is critizised by the Sweden Democrats.

Under de headline ”the volunteer defence organisations role in the integration process” they write that:

The volunteer defence organisations have a long history of social work and responsibility. We therefore believe that they can in a good way contribute in the integration process. Lika many Swedes before them, newly arrived could take part in meaningful activities and educations and at the same time feel that they contribute to their new country

The purpose according to the bill-makers is among other things that it will give ”important networks into the Swedish society and also prepare a way into the labour market”.

The proposal is critizised by the Sweden Democrats that do not consider the Swedish Defence Forces purpose is to solve a failed immigration policy.

– The volunteer defence organisations are important to the defence but they must be considered from a holistic perspective and are not there to take care of the integration problems that the governments the last few decades have created, says Mikael Jansson, defence spokeperson for the Sweden Democrats, to Samhällsnytt.

– Immigrants must first assimilate before the can be included. That should mean a requirement to have a citizenship and that you are well integrated to be able to be a part of the organisations within to defence system.

The bill is expected to be debated and voted upon sometime in March.

(this is a translation of the original article in Swedish)