➤ The well-known artist and journalist Annika Norlin, with a background in state radio SR and the tabloid Aftonbladet, ponders wether you are a bad person if you shoot the president of the United States, a position currently held by Donald Trump.  

It is Dagens Nyheter, one of the largest Swedish newspapers, that have its ”Culture magazine expert panel” prophesy on ”This is how 2018 will be”. One of the ”experts” philosophizes on murdering the US president.

It is the artist Annika ”Säkert” Norlin that under ”the philosophical question of the year” writes the following:

If you shoot an american president and thereby saves the world form a nuclear war, are you then a bad or good person.

Annika Norlin is a singer and song writer and have published her music under the artist names Hello Saferide (in English) and Säkert! (in Swedish).

She has also worked as a journalist in Östersund and later at Aftonbladet. Norlin was a radio host for P3 Pop, Morgonpasset i P3 och P3 Line on Swedish Radio.